Scott  Molina

Scott Molina

Wealth Management Advisor

I spent my formative years in Clarksburg, West Virginia, attending Washington Irving and later Robert C. Byrd High School. During my high school years, I engaged in various sports, with a primary focus on basketball, which opened several college opportunities for me. I initially started my college journey at Robert Morris University but made the decision to transfer to Wheeling Jesuit University during my sophomore year. In 2000, I proudly graduated with a bachelor's degree in business management, followed by the completion of my MBA in 2001. Since then, Wheeling has been my home.

For almost two decades, I've shared my life with my college sweetheart, and together we have two children. Our family is deeply involved in various community activities, and these engagements occupy a significant portion of our free time. This strong sense of community and family has been a grounding force in my life, shaping my experiences and values.

My professional journey began with American General Life and Accident, where I initially sold life insurance for a couple of years. Transitioning into management, I experienced success in the life insurance industry. A pivotal move led me to New York Life, where I became a partner, selling life insurance, and acquiring my Series 6 license to sell mutual funds. Recognizing my clients' growing demand for broader financial education and products, I pursued my Series 7 at Wesbanco, selling investment products, annuities, and various financial instruments for several years.

However, my ambition for knowledge and a desire to delve into fee-based advisory products prompted a move to Merrill Lynch in 2011. Here, I gained extensive insights into the fee-based advisory platform, honed my skills in building portfolios, managing customer expectations, and educating clients on wealth creation. Realizing there was no opportunity to establish an office in Wheeling, WV, I sought opportunities closer to home.

My most recent position presented an exciting prospect, allowing me to leverage my Merrill Lynch education within a banking system while working in Wheeling. This arrangement proved successful until the client load became overwhelming, leading to systemic challenges over time. As a result, I am now poised to embark on a new chapter by establishing my own office with Ohio Valley Wealth Management, collaborating with Advisory Services Network, LLC (“ASN”), and utilizing a nationally recognized custodian. This strategic move aligns with my commitment to providing tailored financial solutions and exceptional service to clients in the Ohio Valley region.

For those familiar with me, it's no secret that I have a strong affinity for technology, particularly in the realm of gaming. My interest in computers dates back to my childhood, shared with my brothers. This passion has translated into a focused investment approach in the field. The dynamic nature of computer technology, perpetually transitioning and driven by processing speed advancements, captivates me. The correlation between the number of transistors and processing speeds is a key element, leading to improved efficiencies and, in turn, an enhanced gaming experience.

Over time, these efficiencies have accelerated, opening up new avenues for technology as a whole. The evolution has been remarkable, with the continuous pursuit of faster processing speeds creating a ripple effect across various technological domains. Notably, the birth of Artificial Intelligence (AI) over a decade and a half marked a transformative milestone. Witnessing AI evolve from a dream into a tangible reality over the last fifteen years has been both fascinating and inspiring. The constantly changing landscape of AI reflects the ever-innovating nature of technology, promising exciting possibilities for the future.